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Lcd Children Bath 59s Rubber Duck Pool Thermometer

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: WENMEICE
Certification: CE
Model Number: LDTH-001
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 500pcs
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: color box
Delivery Time: 5~10 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,
Supply Ability: 50000pcs per month

Detail Information

Product Name: Colorful Funny Animals Little Duck Floating Thermometers Children Bath Toys Temperature: 0-60℃
Color: Pink Green Blue Theory: Floating Thermometer
Dispaly: Large Lcd Feature: The Red Backlight Twinkles And The Reminder Beeps When The Water Temperature Is Over-heated
Usage: Baby/children Bath Water Temperature Measurement.
High Light:

59s Rubber Duck Pool Thermometer


Bath Rubber Duck Pool Thermometer


Duck Pool Digital Hygro Thermometer

Product Description

  colorful funny animals little duck floating thermometers children bath toys



Measuring range: 0~60℃
Precision: ±1℃; Resolution: 0.1℃
Largest duration of timekeeping: 59min 59sec
High temperature reminder triggered: higher than 39℃ (adjustable between 37℃~46℃, 39℃ for default value)
Low temperature reminder triggered: lower than 35℃
Batteries: twoLR44 (orAG13)button cells, power lasting for half a year
Product material: plastic and electronic components
 Lcd Children Bath 59s Rubber Duck Pool Thermometer 0


children bath toys
  1. Measure the water temperature in the bathtub and the light alarm is triggered when the temperature is over-heated or sub-cooled
  2. ---The red backlight twinkles and the reminder beeps when the water temperature is over-heated;
  3. (The high temperature reminder can be self-modified)
  4. ---The yellow backlight twinkles and the reminder beeps when the water temperature is sub-cooled;
  5. ---The green backlight lightens and the time and current water temperature are displayed when the water temperature is suitable.
  6. 12/24time format adjustable easily.
  7. ℃/℉temperature unit adjustable easily.
  8. Countdown and timekeeping.
  9. Automatically restore to default setting when the power cuts up or the battery is replaced.
  10. Wholly-water-proof for the product.
  11. Available for the toy for your baby, or the clock or the thermometer.
 Lcd Children Bath 59s Rubber Duck Pool Thermometer 1
children bath toys
MODE (SET): power switch, mode, setting and confirmation.
+/MIN (℃/℉): add value, or single click to switch the temperature unit easily and cooperate with MODE to set up the time, temperature and countdown “min”.
–/SEC(12/24): decrease the value, or single click to switch 12/24 time format or cooperate with MODE to set up the time, temperature and countdown “sec”.
Lcd Children Bath 59s Rubber Duck Pool Thermometer 2
Setting Steps:
1. Power on/off
Hold MODE button for5s to shut down and hold MODE button for 2s to power on. (Power the product off and all functions are deactivated and the clock requires re-setting after power it on)
2. Clock setting
Hold“MODE”button for3s and enter the setting mode, the "hour" starts to blink. Hold “+”, “–-”to adjust the value and press “SET” to confirm, and you can set up the minutes which start to blink. Press“+”, “–”to adjust the value and press “SET” to confirm and the setting is done. Then, it goes to the setting mode of high temperature reminder.
3. Set up the high temperature reminder
Following the above setting, it enters the high temperature reminder setting, and the warning “temperature” blinks. Press “+”, “–” to adjust the value (adjustable between37℃~46℃, and the default is 39℃). Press “SET” to confirm and it returns to the interface of the clock and temperature.
4. Set up the countdown --children bath toys
In the clock mode, press“MODE”once and enter the countdown mode. The timekeeping mode displays the value of last time (The default is “00M00S ”) and the product stops its timekeeping in the timekeeping mode when moved from the water. Press“MIN”button“SEC”and it automatically switches to the countdown setting mode. At this time, press“+”and“-”together and the timekeeper returns to zero: “00M00S” status. Press“MIN”button to adjust the mi-nutes of the timekeeper and press “SEC” button to adjust the seconds. (The countdown needs to be reset every time or else the countdown function cannot be triggered)
After the countdown setting is done, press MODE to start or pause the countdown, or put the product into the water to start the countdown that does not stop whether the product is put in or removed from the water. (Within the range of suitable water temperature: 60s sound reminder is triggered when the countdown reaches to the set value.)
5. Set up the timekeeper
In the clock mode, put the thermometer directly into the water and the timekeeper is initiated without any setting. Or else when the timekeeper is at zero status in the countdown mode, put the product into the water or press MODE and it automatically switches to the timekeeper mode and starts to work. When the product is removed from water, the timekeeper stops. Put the product within10s and the timekeeper continues to work and it automatically returns to the clock mode after10s if not put into water. (Press“+” and “–-”at the same time and the timekeeper returns to zero)
6. Switch℃/℉unit--digital waterproof children bath toys
In the clock mode, press "+"/MIN button to switch between℃/℉.
7. Switch12/24time format
In the clock mode, press "-"/SEC button to switch 12/24time format.
Replace Batteries for children bath toys :
1. When the backlight turns shimmer and dim, the power is not sufficient and the batteries need to be replaced.
2. Wipe up the thermometer and do not leave any water on the surface.
3. Loosen the screws on the battery bunker, put a coin inside the groove of the battery lid, rotate anticlockwise and the battery lid pops u. Take out the two button cells (The nethermost one requires smaller objects to take out the battery like a toothpick). Distinguish the positive and negative of the battery, put the negative downward and put two new battery cells likeLR44 (orAG13). (Notice: There's a round water-proof ring inside the groove of the battery bunker. It must be put back to the original position appropriately or it may cause water intruding)
4. Align the battery lid to the screw hold and place it to the middle of the MODE button. Put a coin inside the middle of the groove of the batter lid, press it down slightly and rotate clockwise. Tighten the screw then to prevent children from opening the battery bunker and swallowing the batteries by mistake.
5. When the batteries are replaced and done. The product comes to the power-on status by default. If there's mis-take of no display or disjointed display of the thermometer, perhaps the electrode piece is deformed and it causes bad contact when taking out the old batteries. Adjust the position of the electrode piece with a screwer and make it contact with the side of the second battery or check if the battery has power.
Notice for children bath toys:
The green light blinks and the reminder is triggered when the water temperature is below 35℃.
The red light blinks and the reminder is triggered when the water temperature is higher than the set value (37-46℃ for the setting range, 39℃ for the default value and the product restores to the default setting if powered off).
The light and sound reminder is triggered as long as the water temperature goes beyond the set range of value. The reminder runs for 30s and it is triggered again every 3 min.
Do not dismantle the replaced old batteries or litter arbitrarily. Please recycle the batteries according to the regula-tions of the government and put them away from the children to prevent swallowing by mistake.
digital waterproof baby bath thermometers Water-proof level: IP67. Put the product back to the water for normal use when the batteries are installed correctly based on the Instructions.
All settings wait for 10s for adjustment if not operated and they automatically go to the clock mode after 10s.
When the timekeeper goes to 59min 59 s and it automatically returns to“00M00S" to restart the timekeeping.
Please clean the 2 metal sensing contactors on the bottom with small amount of shower gel every time after use. Wipe up the product with a cloth to prevent failure of sensing and interruption caused by stains.
The product children bath toys can only be used under the guardianship by adult.





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